English Electric (Part Two) - Digipak

English Electric (Part Two)

English Electric (Part Two)


  1. East Coast Racer
  2. Swan Hunter
  3. Worked Out
  4. Leopards
  5. Keeper of Abbeys
  6. The Permanent Way
  7. Curator of Butterflies

Total running time 57:40

Big Big Train continues its journey across the English landscape with an album of seven new songs
which tell further tales of the men and women who work on and under the land. Along the way, stories are told of the shipbuilders in Neptune's Yard, of a machine that burned its legend across the pages of the history books, of a keeper of abbeys and a curator of butterflies, and of a second chance at love.

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If you prefer to download the album instead of buying the CD,
you can now order your digital copy at Bandcamp.

Also available as a double gatefold 180 grams vinyl pressing (limited to 500) with bonus tracks at planegroovy.com