English Electric, Part One - Digipak

English Electric (Part One)

English Electric (Part One)


  1. The First Rebreather (8.32)
  2. Uncle Jack (3.49)
  3. Winchester From St Giles' Hill (7.16)
  4. Judas Unrepentant (7.18)
  5. Summoned By Bells (9.17)
  6. Upton Heath (5.39)
  7. A Boy In Darkness (8.03)
  8. Hedgerow (8.52)

Total running time 58.44

"Another step in the Train's seemingly irresistible ascent." PROG

"A grand statement." RECORD COLLECTOR magazine

"Fragrant, mellifulous and, quite frankly, awe-inspiring." CLASSIC ROCK

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